Thursday, January 29, 2009

'A Wintry Mix' Open House

Hello! We are inviting you to come to our 8th Annual Winter/Valentine's Day Open House.

Where: Bittersweet Design Studio and Moonshine Essentials

Paeonian Springs, VA

When: Friday, January 30th from 12 noon to 5pm and

Saturday, January 31st from 12 noon to 5pm - Notice - per special request we will open at 11am today!
Refreshments: Of course! We made peppermint crunch clusters and sand tarts - a rolled sugar cookie. We will also have hot tea to drink.

Our focus for this open house is a 'wintry mix'. Coined by Virginia - an homage to her Pop who is a weatherholic; to the weather - you never know what it may bring this time of year; and also to the items we like to focus on at this open house - a blend of winter items - the blues and whites of snowmen and snowflakes, and the reds and pinks of hearts and all those things that say love.

We always have a great time at these events and we hope to see you here - either Friday or Saturday! Love and Kisses! xo Elizabeth and Virginia

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