Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Amend the CPSIA

Currently these toddler socks are available to purchase for $3.50. After 2/10/09 the prices goes up a bit to $3940.00.

This has been the hot topic of discussion of late - not only on etsy, but elsewhere.

Many of my fellow etsyians (myself included) have added a - post CPSIA product - to our etsy shops. These high priced items will give people an idea as to what it will cost for small businesses like ours to do lead and phthalate testing on items that we create (probably mostly with products already imported into the USA).

This law goes into effect Feruary 10, 2009.

Here you will see just the tip of the iceberg - of products that you will most likely be unable to purchase after 2/10/09. This law is a complete blanket regarding lead testing and is a backlash from all of the large manufacturers not monitoring their children's products carefully enough, and too many toys containing high lead levels.

We as small business owners are trying our hardest to get this law amended to save not only handmade products, but also vintage items!

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