Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Greek - it's what's for dinner

For dinner tonight - Pastitsio and Fasolakia - (meat and macaroni pie and green beans in tomato sauce). I got the recipes from The pastitsio recipe was not very well written but I muddled through it and it came out delicious! In it you use the cooked long noodles 'macaponi' as the base layer, next - sprinkle a grated hard cheese, then - beef cooked in tomatoes, then another layer of the noodles. This is all topped with bechamel sauce and some more of the grated cheese. YUMMY! The green beans were also very tasty.
Not bad for my first time!


Kim Caro said...

i just ate n u made me more hungry!!!

myminimocs said...

that is absolutely one of my FAVORITE greek dishes. i never dared try make it a home - but you have inspired my - OPA!!! looks YUMMO!!!

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