Saturday, November 15, 2008

What I've been up to

The past three months have been busy, busy, busy!

I was fortunate enough to have one of my products spotted by Lark Books and was given a contract to recreate a project I had made.

One day I was opening our bills, (I guess there must have been a lot of them ;}) and I noticed how all of the privacy printing was slightly different. It looked like Men's Suit Cloth - and fabric in general. I saved them - (OH MY GOSH - what a surprise)!!!! I opened them up and started folding and cutting - pleated skirts, shoes, ties, etc... and either making an envelope from the bill envelope - or lining a handmade envelope with the privacy pattens.

A light bulb went off, and I thought "What a great idea - I should list one of these today in my etsy shop - it's Earth Day"! ------ You know that whole recycling/upcycling thing.

I was contacted minutes afterward (I know, I was in disbelief too- pinchme!) about my cards/envelopes. I submitted my project in August and it will appear in The Envelope, Please - due out in Fall of 2009. Thank you Providence!

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