Saturday, November 15, 2008

And Now it's November

I was a vendor at the Fall's Church High School Craft Show that was held last Saturday. My husband, Bob, and daughter, Virginia helped set up - and did a great job! My space looked fantastic - I'd show you a pic - but my batteries died in the camera - argh!
I did well, but I would have done better if there been more foot traffic. The attendance simply wasn't there!
The best thing was I met a number of fellow etsians - two of which were Suzy of georgiapeachez and Beth of Bethsbagz. Just a few days later I was looking around in their etsy stores and had to snag some goodies - one for me and my workroom (see photo), one for a friend and something custom made for Ginna.

Unfortunately, to do this show, I had to give up going up to York on Friday the 7th to help my Mom and the other ladies set up for the church bazaar. I have learned my lesson... From now on it's the church bazaar!

We did go up on Sunday to buy and visit, and help pack up afterwards. They had a very successful two days. YEAH St. Mary's!

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