Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Knitting Resolutions

One of my goals this year is to use up all of this fabulous yarn that I purchased a while ago from an awesome yarn shop up in South Central Pennsylvania called The Mannings -  
Going into their yarn shop for any level of knitter is like being a kid in a candy store.  Irresistible!  And I didn't!  I bought all kinds of fantastic yarns, knitted some up into scarves, and purses - and then had to stop to make & create other things for my shop - so I put the yarn away.  Now it is time!

I started right before Christmas and knitted a loden/olive/ochre mix scarf as a gift for one of my friends Jennifer.
The next scarf - right after Christmas - had a similar color mix for my daughter's friend Sophia.
Scarf number three  - seen above - I'll add a better photo later - was a scarf for me - loaded with saturated color - which I love - to work with a j.jill hot pink print shirt I had, and to do double duty  - to work with an acid green jacket my daughter gave me for my birthday.  Yes - I have them both on here  :)  This is a pic of my daughter (rock star) Ginna and me at the SCAD Art Museum. 

This scarf was started on the ride home from Savannah, Georgia - yeah - long ride!
I love the smooth glossy tape yarn, blended with a soft, nubby boucle.

The next scarf sold before I took any photos of it.  It had the same awesome tape 'yarn' that is in the scarf above - but had burgundy boucle blended into it.

The next scarf had a lime green fur like yarn blended with a blue/green/white twist, and a cotton/lycra light green yarn.  This one is very soft.

Scarf number 7 is made from a blend of a lime/blue bulky boucle, a hunter green cotton/lycra, and a denim color fine boucle.  This one has fabulous texture.

My first scarf for guys - a soft twist merino in teal and moss - blended with two shades of a variegated cotton.  One half of the scarf is moss, the other teal.  It is nice and bulky - and has a great hand.

Scarf # 9 - in shades of lilac - a mix of one tape yarn and 5 other thin novelty yarns - in process...

For all of these scarves except the man's scarf I used the same technique - which I love to use with awesome yarns.  I knit a few rows and then knit a drop stitch - the drop stitch really showcases the unique yarns - which I love featuring.

So far so good - I'm gonna just keep on knittin'!

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