Friday, January 6, 2012

My list

I know my life is REALLY busy when my calendar is empty - the same goes for my blog...
Mid November the snowball started and just got bigger and rolling faster as the month progressed and turned into December.  Welcome to retail!

Sorry to have left you out of the loop - here is my list:

November 10th - toy time:
Two, five shelf units stocked with vintage style toys and ready for sale at Everyday Elegance in Purcellville.

November 11-13 - bazaar time:
 Father Bob saying a blessing at the start of St. Mary's Bazaar

Just one of the many tables loaded with beautiful treasures

November 19 - movie and dinner time:
Our perennial outing with my daughter and some of her friends to see one of the Twilight movies for her birthday

November 20 - sermon time:
Youth Sunday at St. Peter's in Purcellville, VA.  Ginna gives the sermon - and does an amazing job - more on this in a blog post to come

November 21 - set up time:
Christmas in my space at It's Bazaar on 21st Street in Purcellville, VA

Making candy sleighs and trains for Christmas sales

November 24th - Thanksgiving time:
I call this 'the groaning board' - dessert after our wonderful meal

November 25 - birthday time:

Ginna's  breakfast of choice - a 'turkey turd special' - a nickname my husband came up with a million years ago to describe her favorite donut - chocolate iced with sprinkles, and an iced Chai Latte.  (Yes - best mom EVER drove into town very early and picked up fresh donuts and the drink xP)

November 26 - party time: 
 2 fire pits, the 'big screen' mounted on our back porch for movies, copious amounts of wings, pasta salad, a tiered brownie cake, and more
Great friends, great food, great weather - all good, all around!

November 28 - order time:
 More candy trains in the works

A custom order for two Tab Top Pet Collars completed

December 3 - chaperone time:
LVHS History Club hosting it's Annual Victorian Ball - set 2 weeks before the beginning of South Carolina's secession

December 4 - award time:
Academic Excellence Awards Banquet for the top 5% of the students in Loudoun County.  Very proud of Ginna - the tall one in the vintage teal velvet dress.

December 6: creation time:
A custom order for Tab Top Pet Collars - but for Toy Breeds.   This was a mind bender - but I was very happy with the finished results - as was the customer!

December 7 - meeting time:
Every year since 1997, I have been making 30+/- ornaments for our Compassionate Friends Meeting held in December.  I do this to honor and remember my second daughter Michaela Anne who died at age 5 weeks from a very rare genetic disorder.  

This year I used pre-made clouds.  I drilled holes in two spots.  These hang from anodized wire that I cut to length and twisted through the holes.  The ornaments always have enough room to be able to write a note your child.

December 8 - decorating time:
Lights on the house and our outdoor tree

December 8 - ribbon time:
My patriotic ribbon wreath - the 5th of the year.  I will be donating $40.00 to The Wounded Warrior Project for sales of this particular wreath.  This one was a generous 26" across.

December 8 - sock time:
A special order - this little girl only wanted two things for Christmas.  One of them was a pair of socks decorated Santa and his reindeer.

December 9 - play time:
LVHS Drama Club puts on a great rendition of 'Taming of the Shrew'.  Ginna was Baptista - the woman in green - in the center.

December 10 - surprise time:
My friend Janis has a surprise 50th birthday party!

December 12 - shipping time: 
 23 pairs of custom painted socks

December 16 - delivery time:
30" across, over 200 vintage glass Christmas balls

December 16 - tea time:
Some English Breakfast tea with a heart cookie  :)  a welcome respite amongst all the busy'ness'
 The consummate tea hostess, my friend Patty

December 17 - birthday time:

Sorry no photos - drove 4 hours to bake Christmas cookies at my Mom's.  Oh and the birthday was mine ;).

December 20 - cookie decorating time:
 Lots of fun decorating cookies at our new friends from Texas - the Wades

December 24 & 25 - Christmas!


December 27 - jewelry time:
Coin pearls and sterling - pendants and earrings - for the bridesmaids in Amy's wedding on New Years Day.

December 28 - paperwork time: - FAFSA ugh, paper work and taxes over the holidays?!  YUK! 

January 1, 2012 - wedding time:
All of our best to Amy Reynal and Jason Moore!!!

Thank you for reading my list.  Happiest of New Years to all of my loyal readers.  See you soon!  


Samantha said...

Hi! I am a new follower. Enjoyed reading your posts and looking at your pictures. You are such a busy bee!:) Great Blog!

Liz P. said...

Samantha - welcome!! I hope you enjoy my 'adventures' and my blog.

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