Sunday, November 6, 2011

Waste not Want not Simple Sundays making an eco friendly hand scrubber

While I am waiting on some stuff out in the kitchen to dry - I thought I would pass along one of my 'thrifty tips'.  Why am I thrifty?  I'm not sure - but perhaps it is because I am reincarnated from someone who lived through the depression ;)  
I have a soap saver from the 1930s hanging in my bathroom.  It 'fits in' quite well because my house is from 1909.  Whenever bits of soap get too small to wash our hands with - they go into the soap saver.    

When the soap saver is full, I bring it into the kitchen and fill my 'hand scrubber'.  My hand scrubber is made from an empty mesh fruit/vegetable bag. 
How do I make one of these?  Easy!  Take a mesh bag and turn the side with the metal clip to the inside.  

   Fill with a bar of soap - or in my case - the scraps of soap.  

Twist the open end tightly against the soap, and then turn the open end of the bag over the soap filled section.  
Do this back and forth until you have just enough of the bag left to tie it closed.

 I twist each side a bit - which leaves me with 'tails' to tie closed.  And here it is - ready to scrub your hands clean from the garden, painting, whatever dirt you get yourself in to!

Here is my soap saver, all scrubbed up and ready to be put to work once more!

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