Thursday, November 10, 2011


November is my most special month.  I have always loved Thanksgiving, and it was made even more special when my own little Butterball (Ginna) was born on that day (25th) in 1993, and again 2 years later when Callie was born on the 26th, a dear friend Carter on the 27th.  Then Bob and I were married and son Nathan's birthday is the 9th, grandkids Nick, the 19th, and Savannah, the 20th.  Makes for a very busy - but celebration filled month!
 My sideboard in the living room dressed for early November.  Just wait until the turkeys come out in a week or two.  The two pieces of stemware were purchased at a Pfaltzgraff sample sale when the company was still deeply entrenched in Pennsylvania. The lights on the side board once belonged to my Mom.  They were on her piano for years.  When she sold the piano to my cousins, the lights got packed away.  Some how the glass hurricanes disappeared.  I was fortunate to purchase a pair (matching the originals) enough years ago at a glass company in Star City, WV.
My pilgrims!  Love them!  They are Gurley candles from the 1950s.  Tiny turkey on the left is a Wade figurine from Red Rose Tea, the one in the middle???, and a little Shaker carrier from the Waterford Fair - from when I was juried in years ago.  The little marbled pink squirrel is from the Chicago World's Fair 1933, and is made of rubber with a painted surface.

 My tray that takes center stage is a 3 section antique box bought at an antique show when I was busy on that circuit.  It holds all of the tiny things I love with out having things look too cluttered.  The first section holds some antique marbles, a vintage flocked moose, some acorns, glazed greenware ears of corn, a hand carved mouse.
 Middle section  has some great artsy clothespins, a thimble with a hedgehog on it, handmade cinnamon pumpkin, a glittered acorn, a sweet pine cone, a pine cone weight from a cuckoo clock, a cute handmade chipmunk.

The end section has a bottle brush squirrel, a horse chestnut, another cinnamon pumpkin and glittered acorn, a huge hand turned acorn - with my favorite color as an accent! 

One of the finest forms in nature - the pine cone.  A vintage hand cut squirrel.  I think Fall brings out the best in natures 'ornaments'.  I love the way the side board looks lit up with the tiny candles. I hope you have enjoyed another of my collections!  Liz

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ooglebloops said...

Love your tray of treasures!! And you reminded me to dig out my vintage turkeys to add to my holiday display!! How could I have forgotten them!!!!

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