Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Crafting Tuesday

Two projects I wanted to get finished were completed today. Yeah! A custom order - a pair of socks with trains - for my friend Patty and a pencil case and folder - in vintage fabric - for my daughter. Suzy at made the pencil case for her and then I took it one step further and lined it with wipe clean vinyl and added an edge to put grommets in. The folder was a bit more of a mind bender, but it came out great - the main body of the folder is a vintage tablecloth, the pockets are a vintage valence. They were Scotchguarded last night and they are in school today!
I also have included a link to Macy's blog that shows daughter Beatrix in her custom painted baby socks. Macy is the etsy mom that was the recipient of a gift of baby socks from my etsy shop last week when etsy held their Virtual Baby Shower in the labs. It was a lot of fun to meet all of the other moms and etsy sellers and to see all of the other baby shower gifts.

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