Friday, August 16, 2013

Remember last summer?

Remember last summer - if not - you can read about it here and here: - wow that was rough. But I am here and I survived.
Selfies on Mother's Day

She got a huge kick out taking these pictures

and loves pranking for the camera.

I call my mom every couple of days - but she rarely answers. So I had to come up with another solution to staying in touch. Now, I get Nancy (her caregiver extraordinaire), to call me when they are having lunch. Problem solved!

I got a call the other day - and it made me smile all day long - ok, I admit, I am still smiling.
Mom's appointment to get her aranesp shot was cancelled!
This means that her Hgb was above 12 - which means maybe, just maybe, all that she has been through the past year is finally paying off.
But the best news I had that day was that she felt strong enough to go upstairs on her own, shower and dress without help, do all of her ironing, and look for buttons to put on some scarves she had knitted.
All. Before. Lunch.

My heart is happy. I know it won't last; she will have more doctor's appointments, need more transfusions, and be tired once again. But for now - she has been more like MY mom - the mom I use to know. And that is just the best!

I hope you have had news this week that made you smile, if not I hope this bit of news will do it for you.
xo, Liz

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