Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A collection - Calliology

I have spent the last 2 weeks off and on - mostly on...  creating this 'collection'.  I started with the dictionary page eggs (apologizing to any and all book lovers out there who are offended - the dictionary had some water damage and was most likely headed for the dumpster if not purchased by me - please forgive).  The collection moved on to other eggs - existing ones I had in great colors, others that had been crackle finished a while ago, and more that I painted (gasp!) AQUA.

Only the beginning of the eggs.  There are several dozen now.  For ease of sale they will be packaged in cello bags with white or kraft shred.  I didn't relish little price stickers all over my lovelies. 

That brought me to the realization I had some napkins that I had never opened - because they were too pretty to use.  And so I started on journals (only 2 of these so far). One of them is shown on the far left.  It has two sections inside - one with white paper and one with kraft paper.  These are small - in that they only have about 12 double sided pages in them.

Wood and paper mache boxes - hand painted and decoupaged - found objects, topiary.  As you can see, the recurring image of the napkin in various permutations shows up in a number of places.

More boxes, topiary, and an altered 'HOME' sign.

Metal stars that were rust colored have become canvases for paint as well as more dictionary page decoupage. 
Some of the collection is going with me up to It's Bazaar this morning.  The balance will be getting listed in bittersweetdesign - my handmade Etsy shop.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I have been up to.  Off to packaging and pricing!

Love, Liz
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