Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jewelry organization

These peg racks originally occupied another wall in the room.  Since I was giving up some drawer space (remember - 2 dressers into 1) I needed to reorganize - as well as down size - my costume and vintage jewelry collection.  Of course everything is in ROY G BIV order.  You know Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet?

So where are the down sized goodies going?  To Missing Heirloom for the vintage, Bittersweet Design, for the handmade, - some of these perhaps as early as today! (check the side bars on the right for the two shops), and the Purcellville Town Wide Tag Sale for the newer items.  

2 peg racks - already owned, hold my beaded necklaces.  2 wrought iron bird and vine wall decor pieces (purchased at It's Bazaar, Purcellville, VA) have enough tendrils, etc... to hang bracelets and other necklaces.  
I had a handmade primitive wall box that held my bangles - but they were overflowing.  Time for another solution.  I did have a mish mosh collection of Transferware on my dresser - but the pieces didn't work the way I needed them too, and the many colors were too busy.  I edited the grouping down to 3 vintage Milk Glass pieces to hold the bangles - again organized - ROY G BIV.  I kept 3 smaller Transferware pieces - (all in various red patterns) - a lidless sugar bowl for a votive candle holder, a heart dish - given to me by a dear friend Patty, and a pin dish.  The 2 smaller pieces will be a good temporary place for 'catch alls'.    
 More later!


Kerri said...

I love the ROY G BIV!

Old Lucketts Store said...

Cool - thanks for sharing!

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